Advancements done to the infotainment center

Everyone loves a car that makes them feel special when they are driving them. Whether it is the speed, design, or color of the car, everything has to be perfectly assembled to make people fall in love with it. This is exactly the case with the new Skoda Fabia Prototype.

The first model was introduced in 1999 and since then, this series has millions of sales to its name. The 3rd generation Fabia was launched in 2014 and it was the most affordable car in the production line. Now the fourth generation prototype makes its debut with a completely restructured design. It is yet to be released in the UK but when it launches, this car will take the market by storm.

The key developments included in this car include a rigid structure, a new range of engines, advanced infotainment and connectivity options, and the camouflaged appearance of the car. The size of the car has also been increased in terms of length and width. What makes this car even sturdier is the longer wheelbase, larger wheel housing, and tracks are even wider than the third-generation Fabia.

The engines of this car are where things get interesting. Three and four-cylinder petrol engines have been installed with a fuel tank capacity that has been reduced a little. The officials ensure that the performance of the car will not be reduced because of the reduced capacity. Also, the turbocharged engines installed in this piece of machinery will reduce combustion, hence, the overall fuel cost.

Some other most desirable features of this car include the technological advancements done to the infotainment center and others. The digital instrument panel is bigger than the previous version. The infotainment center is also placed higher on the dashboard which tweaks up the overall look a little bit. In addition to that, Fabia also has nine airbags which can help keep everyone safe when there has been an accident.

As this car is yet to be released, it can be said the quality, speed, design, and interior of the car pack something that previous models couldn’t. If they make the price of this car to be affordable for everyone, it will slay the market.