Application Process

John Lewis Finance provides you with different services and products including loans, insurance, money transfer, and credit card. If you want to get a loan, credit card, or an insurance cover, this is a guide for you on how to apply or register.

The partnership card comes with great benefits and provides you with different rewards for your purchase. You can apply for it through the online platform following a simple process. To be eligible to apply, you must be at least 18 years old, a UK resident, have an annual income of over £6,650, have a UK bank account, and agree to use the card for personal use only.

You will need to provide them with your email address, proof of ID, and residential address over the previous three years, gross annual income, and UK bank account and sort code details. The application form is quite lengthy, but it won’t take much time. When you submit the application you are likely to get a card very soon.

If you need insurance, you can get a quote in a simple way. When getting a quote, you will be asked some questions in the beginning, which will be different for each insurance plan. Then, you have to follow more steps, each asking you to provide information. When the process is done, you will get a quote.

You will have to provide a UK bank account and sort code details, addresses over the last three years, and gross monthly income. Then, you have to fill out the loan application. You can use the loan calculator to determine the APR and monthly payments.

To make things easier, you should register an online account. The registration process is simple and you have to provide personal details and security details. The online account will help you get the most of their services and manage your credit card. You can use it to make monthly payments or contact their customer team if you have any problem.