Astra will be shifted to the EMP2 platform

We have seen several times before that a vehicle was launched, which was very good, had good features and perform well as well as offered great comfort, but it couldn’t do well because it wasn’t in demand. Sometimes it can happen that a vehicle lacks something or it belongs to a segment that wasn’t popular at that time.

The brand’s Parent company PSA group is almost done with the transformation of the company’s lineup. The company has a very good crossover that’s charismatic and desirable in the form of the Mokka and their electric Corsa is competing against the Ford Fiesta and it’s expected to do well. The Astra will be shifted to the EMP2 platform and it will be redesigned completely. So that’s a lot good happening for the company and they would definitely be satisfied with how the things are going.

Next year the Insignia will be the only model being manufactured at home. We have seen such concepts do really well in the past but you can’t tell how the vehicle would fare in the future. And this seems only reasonable, as the hatch-backed salons are different today than they were a few years ago. We have seen this with Ford’s model as well and when you are offering a non-electrified model you have to offer the latest design as well.

But it’s not moving to the next generation just yet and you will have to wait for that. The company has decided to keep it fresh so before a completely new model arrives, they want to offer an updated model. They now provide a new petrol engine option as well as a four-wheel-drive GSi variant. The diesel engine options are also provided but the powertrains don’t come with the hybrid technology. It comes with good features and a reasonable price, so the problem would only be its lower demand.