Base cost seems very reasonable

If you are a very rich person, you would want the things you own to be very unique, and the same is with the rich car enthusiasts. But this doesn’t mean, in the pursuit of a unique car they would spend money unnecessarily. We got to drive the prototype for the first time and here is what we learned from this experience.

This is what the manufacturers need to keep in mind and must reconsider the bottom line and boring things. If a manufacturer sets the price of a vehicle too high or built too many units it will get a series of products that can damage the brand’s image. It seems like a very pulling trap and many companies have fallen prey to it but Bentley thinks it won’t be the case with it.

This is why only 12 units will be manufactured of the new model. All the vehicles have been booked and it was just a matter of days after it was revealed that customers booked the models, and all of them are committed that they will buy this vehicle, even though the last 12 months have been pretty hard on almost everyone.

Even though there were various lockdowns and other restrictions, the production of the vehicle is going on schedule, which is quite impressive. If you want to know the price of the vehicle, we are not sure you are ready for this. It’s at the very end of the market. The cost of the vehicle is very significant, and when personalization touches will be added it will cost even more.

You would think that the company chose a very high base cost, but when you consider that the customers are willing to pay a very good amount just for the personalization touches, the base cost seems very reasonable. The test drive shows that the vehicle is quite impressive but it’s not one of the 12. It’s Car Zero, the engineering development vehicle. But the final delivery that the customers will receive would be very much similar to this.