Blue Elise that’s a runout special

There are not many models that could define a brand history like Elise. The Lotus model, launched in 1996 is one of the best vehicles that we have driven, and even its latest version is pretty amazing.

The vehicle is the reason why many people loved the brand and even after 25 years it’s the vehicle that represents the firm. Sadly, the vehicle’s time is up, but it’s not because its ability was declining, the reason is something else. Both vehicles are amazing in different ways, the first one is stylish but delicate and the last one is more purposeful and they make a third of the entire production models of the company. How amazing is that?

You might not be able to appreciate, this but for those who remember its beginning, it seems extraordinary. It’s also amazing for the fact that if you review the company and go back before this model, the vehicles you will find were quite old, and before that the company had not existed.

If you want to drive the old models, you could only go to one place the Hethel test track as the vehicles were developed on this track. The model we have here is the blue Elise that’s a runout special. Today, you might not find an entry-level with a normally aspirated engine. You can find two models, the sport 220 and the cup 250 for a reasonably good price. But that’s more than double for what the original vehicle was available in 1996, but if you consider the currency value difference and the updates made to the model, it’s a very good price.

The vehicle has a supercharged Toyota engine that offers good power. You can add different options as well for more money. You can get a new steering wheel and a new TFT instrument display.