Card Activate

Use our guide for John Lewis Finance Card Activate and get the most out of it. Activating the card is extremely important as it will let you access the online account and manage the card easily.

There are two ways to activate the card. You can either do it using your phone or through your online account. If you prefer doing it over the phone, you can make a call on the given number from 8 am to 8 pm any day of the week. If you wish to use the online account, you have to log in first. So if you have no yet registered for their online services, do it today by registering your details. It will not only give you access to the account but the mobile app as well. So, follow the instructions below to do it.

John Lewis Finance Card Activate

John Lewis Finance Card Activate

To register, you have to provide your details and add credentials. The same credentials will be used for the online account and mobile app. They will ask you for your name, date of birth, card number, and CVV, etc. Then, you will see the credentials page where you will add your username and password. Make sure to write them down somewhere safe, so when you forget them, you don’t have to go through the length for your account.

Now, using your login details, you can enter the online portal. You have to enter the username first and then other details. This is the same username that you entered while registering your account, if you forget it, you can follow the link given there. You can also tick remember my username box, but don’t do it if you are using a public or shared device. Then, enter the password, PIN, and CVV.

When you are logged in, you can activate your card from there. It’s very easy to do, you just have to look for the activations option and in just a few minutes, you will be able to activate it.

If your card is lost or stolen, you should immediately contact them. You can call them any time you want. If you think, your PIN is difficult to remember and you want to change it so something more memorable, you can do this as well. You can go to any branch or ATM and do this. But, make sure it’s not very simple.