Chargers are being called hosts

Electric vehicles are on the rise and they would continue to do so and we can soon see even higher demand, but the charging problem remains the same. There have been some improvements in this regard, but they are not enough to solve this problem completely.

Today we will discuss an interesting solution to this charging problem that might interest you and can be the solution the industry is looking for. We met the CEO of Co Charger, Joel Teague, who is the person behind this unique idea.

He says the real problem is charging the vehicle when you don’t have a charger at that instant and especially when you are on a driveway, this problem can become a lot worse but he says their company has the solution to this problem. The company says around 36% of citizens of the UK cannot install a charger in their home because of the condition of the place they are living in. A lot of people live in flats or terraced houses, so it’s not possible to install a private charger there. Some people don’t even think of owning an EV and even if they do they have to face a lot of a hard time. Those who purchase an EV have to go to a place with a public charger or charge at work. The people with the chargers are being called hosts and those who will charge are being called chargees.

Some of those who need a host to charge will have an electric car already but the company is aiming to attract those who are reluctant to buy an EV because of the unavailability of a charger. There are thousands of people who would buy an EV in a week if they could find a solution to this problem; if they can charge their vehicle conveniently and affordability. This is what the company’s offering and their phone app will make this possible.