Convince people who are loyal consumers

It’s not a very good feeling when you see a very good vehicle that provides you with everything you need like performance and refinement, but still, it lacks something and you are not completely happy. The latest Audi Q5 Sportback is a great example of this.

The decade-old Audi is a very different brand from what it is today. 10 years ago it was winning in the industry and was enjoying a phenomenal growth curve but now that seems to be leveled off. It has been overtaken by competitors. It saw the ex-CEO and two officials ending up in court. But if you are a company’s employee, you might be more worried about the fact that the product that was responsible for the company’s growth is now not that great of a prospect.

The company was launching a brand new mid-sized vehicle every year so for the salesmen, it was quite easy to convince customers to shift from a fall to airport from an A4 to A5, from A5 Sportback to A4 Avant, and so on. It was easier for them to convince people who are loyal consumers and always want the latest model to shift from one model to another. The company adopted the best strategy to grow a premium car brand, one that worked well in the modern market.

But now it seems like that strategy has completed its shelf life and the new models can’t seem to be doing what the previous models did for the company.

The new SUV is very smooth, precise, and gives a luxurious feeling from top to the bottom. It has been refined very well and it performs well too. But still, it seems like a filler. It is a good car but it’s not so different from a standard Q5. It is also not very engaging to drive, which is not a good thing if you are looking for a good driving experience.