Digital features which are worth mentioning

As usual, the Mercedes-Benz is offering a luxury option with the latest S-class. This time, it is equipped with several digital features which are worth mentioning. When it comes to offering the latest features, whether it is safety technologies or the powertrain, the firm has always chosen the S-Class.

The same is the case with the latest W223-generation version which is now running in the UK. But you should know that you can only benefit from this vehicle in real terms if you are a well-heeled owner.

The platform and the suspension of the vehicle were greatly rebuilt and now the vehicle offers several latest features. Such features include a body control suspension four-wheel steering and a four-wheel drive. We have not seen these features together in the previous versions of the vehicle. The customers will get the options of a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains and the vehicle will also offer quality frontal airbags. It is also expected that the firm may offer a limited fully autonomous driving functionality in the future.

The buyers still have to wait to get all the features mentioned above and also they will have to pay a very good amount to get all the latest features. So it’s up to them whether or not they want to pay this much amount for this vehicle when there are other better options available which we will mention later.

As of now a mild hybrid six-cylinder petrol and two diesel engines are being offered. The current models have adaptively damped air Suspension and conventional steering. You should choose the longer body if you want the upper level. If you like tablet-style touchscreen displays, there is a good chance that you will like this car, but if you don’t like such displays and computer graphics, you are very likely to hate this car and the best bet for Mercedes is that you won’t.

Overall, the vehicle is as traditional and conventional as it has ever been. Yes, the company has digitized the cabin and offered some great features, but when you go into the depth of this, you would know that this is mainly because of the Tesla Model S. This is not entirely good for the company as they shouldn’t try to copy other vehicles, especially when the vehicle has a history behind it.