Distinctive look from the standard 2 Series

It is always exciting to see a vehicle for the first time even if in disguise. And when you see a BMW model for the first time it is even more exciting. The upcoming BMW M2 coupe was seen for the first time just recently in disguise form. The production of the vehicle is part of a compact M car line-up. The vehicle is a rear-wheel-drive, but the lineup will also include a four-wheel-drive and a 1 series that offers good power.

It’s the second-generation M2 coupé, and it was seen for the time in total disguise, but you can tell that its cab-backward proportions were just like the current version. The car, being developed under the codename G87, will be available for purchase next year. A six-cylinder petrol engine will be used in the vehicle.

Even though we couldn’t spot anything under the camouflage, it appears like its front design will be inspired by the M8 and Z4. Some people would have assumed that it would take on the front end styling to M4 and M3. If you still think we might be wrong, here is why we think this is the case. It has got big wheels, flared arches, and upsized air intakes. But, that’s what gives it a distinctive look from the standard 2 Series. The aero-enhancing trim is also good for its look.

The old petrol units have been replaced by the new one, but it offers the same characteristics and better performance. Although, much of this information is not official, and it’s likely the reality could be different. But, from what we have heard the engine will offer more power than what is offered in the previous version, even more than the Mercedes-AMG A45 S.

The vehicle is expected to arrive in the showrooms this year. The vehicle takes a new approach by the use of the CLAR platform. The used platform is the latest updated version, and its use ensures that the future model will be mechanically similar to today’s model. If you want to know more about the vehicle, you should wait till we have some official announcements.