Engines produced a small amount of power

If you have a very low budget and still you want a vehicle that offers good value and features your best option is to get Smart Fortwo. Not many people consider Mini cars when it comes to buying used vehicles but it’s a big mistake not considering this brilliant machine.

The first production model was launched in 1998 and they were often seen in the outside lane of the motorway with the drivers proving that the car matches the bigger machines. The successor was launched in 2007 with the removal of the particular cheap maybe because this time it was a little bigger and wider but another main reason for dropping the chip was that the vehicle had now competition from different models who were offering a better driving experience. You can’t really compare this vehicle with its rear-mounted engine and two-seat layout with other ordinary vehicles. The firm’s association with Mercedes-Benz also had a role to play.

The production of the successor MK2 Fortwo ran from 2006 to 2013 but the vehicle’s design was not so much different. The only visible difference was that it was larger than the predecessor but in terms of design, only the headlights were distinctive.

Today we will only discuss the MK2 and whether you should buy a used vehicle. The reason for choosing this vehicle over the first version is because it’s more reliable and offers good value for money. We could have also considered Forfour, which is good for those who need more space but it’s outshined by the Rivals. MK 2, introduced in 2007, offered the choice of two-door. In 2011, its facelifted version was launched which offered circular air vents and a new instrument cluster.

It came with a Mercedes diesel engine as well as the option of different Mistubishi petrol engines. All the engines produced a small amount of power, but that’s good enough for this Mini cat. You can also get an electric version, although it’s quite rare and the price might be higher as well. If you have a low budget but want to own your first EV, this could be a very good option.