Infrastructure changes can result in a change

Autonomous cars have been the dream of the auto industry for many years, but so far we have not seen much progress on this. There has been some development in the last few years, but it’s no way near where it should have been or where we expected it to be.

However, the infrastructure changes can result in a change in this as well, and we can see autonomous cars on our roads within a few years. Many companies claimed that the reason for the slow progress is the in-car technology and this is why now they are focusing more on the roads the vehicles will drive on.

They want to bring autonomous vehicles in a short time which is quite amazing. You can see an example of these in Michigan State of the USA where the first large-scale dedicated track will be built covering 37 miles between Ann Arbor and Detroit. Ford and General Motors have their headquarters in the state as well. The project has been announced by Michigan State and Cavnue seems quite promising and helpful for the companies to bring autonomous cars to the market.

The manufacturers have faced many problems with the current technology so they want to use this opportunity provided by the new infrastructure and bring the vehicles quickly. To bring the autonomous vehicles, they have to wait for level 5 autonomy but that would be too long, so they have decided to change the infrastructure instead and bring the vehicles more quickly.

The intelligent transportation program manager at the state’s department of transportation is very positive about this new project and he says that we can expect this track to be built and fully functional within 4 years, which is quite exciting. If you compare it with how long it can take for fully autonomous cars to come to market, the difference is quite surprising. Autonomous cars can take up to decades to be fully ready and available for purchase.

The project is going through the consultation phase and after 2 years the development will begin, so we don’t know yet which technology will be used. But, rest assured, it is a very important project and very high technology will be used.