Kona facelifted to meet the standards

If you want to own a car that’s distinctive and offers everything that you desire, Hyundai’s Kona is the way to go. This is one of the most popular productions of the said company. It has been recently facelifted and now the question is; can it compete in the market?

Well, first of all, let’s get to know this car a little bit before you decide whether it is the perfect car for you or not. Hyundai has produced many cars and the Kona T-GDI hybrid has become the second best-selling car for the company. It has been facelifted to meet the standards of the market and now it is a hybrid car. It can run on petrol as well as a battery but it has an automation system installed in it.

When you are driving the car at a lower speed, it will run on the electric power source. But if you try to go hard on the compressor, it will automatically turn towards petrol combustion. In addition to this version, Europeans can also buy the diesel version. With narrow lights that are not so blocky, new paint colors, and a brand new wheel design, Hyundai has upped the ante.

If we talk about the interior, a new infotainment system has been installed that comes with physical buttons. A new digital dashboard accompanied by an electric hand brake, this car is packed with all the desirable features. The car has different petrol hybrid variants but the most important thing to know is that it is self-charging. The suspension system of the car has also been tweaked which makes it much more stable, comfortable, and firm when you hit sharp bumps.

Now, the question is, should you buy this car? Well, if you are running on a budget and want all the features of a fast, comfortable, as well as a hybrid car, Kona is the way to go. It has the latest navigation as well as phone connectivity systems installed. That coupled with a facelifted design, radiant colors, comfortable and advanced interior, and distinctive touch of chrome inside makes it the perfect choice for you.