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Use different services through John Lewis Finance Login and get the best experience. It will give you access to the online account from where you can use different tools. It’s also because of these new services that you can sign in to your Partnership Card app and an online account with the same login details.

With their advanced online services you can view your balance, recent transactions and statements, check your total reward points, set up account and transaction alerts, use your debit card to pay your balance, and much more.

John Lewis Finance Login

John Lewis Finance Login

The additional features of the online account include set up and amend direct debits to pay your balance, change your statement due date, send secure messages to our team, and add up to 3 additional cardholders.

The log-in process is different if you want to access the personal loan account or you want to access the partnership card. The registration process is different as well. For a personal loan, on the account page, you have to provide username, password, and 1st, 3rd, and 4th digits of your PIN. It will give you access to the account. If the account is not registered, do it by following two steps. First, you will be asked for personal details like name, date of birth, and account number. Then, you have to provide security details and the account will be made.

For logging into your partnership card account, you first have to enter the username, you can’t proceed next before providing it. Then, you will see fields for the password, PIN, and partnership card CVV. Its registration process also consists of two steps, but you have to provide more information. The additional details include UK postcode or BFPO number, credit limit, card number, card CVV, and expiry date. The next step is similar to the login registration.

Make sure to not forget the username, password, or PIN, otherwise, you will have to follow a long process. You will be asked to enter the personal details, card information, and credit limit.