Main philosophy behind their design concept

If you don’t know what has been going on with BMW design you have no knowledge of the auto world or you do not use social media at all. It has created a great buzz on social media and to quote a senior official, it could be brutal.

You might think that the brand’s design officials have decided to change the design of the models but you couldn’t be more wrong; the kidney grille is going nowhere. The reason being that they want the brand to be different from every company so it would be its distinguishing feature doesn’t matter the customers appreciate it or not.

What we have heard from them is that it’s a part of the company’s past, so they want it to be in its future too. When we listen to the company’s senior Vice President of group design and head of design, it was very clear that this is the main philosophy behind their design concept, that and BMW should be different from other brands.

The latter justifies their reasoning by the amount of buzz they managed to create. He said, if you want your model to be different from others it needs to stand out and this is what we are doing. If you are vehicles do not stand out you can’t reach your customers. The company is very clear that their goal is not to reach new customers, they just want to satisfy their loyal customers. So this is exactly what they are doing and this is what their motive is; to sell cars.

He also said that it’s all about the customers and it has always been. If you look at the numbers they are pretty good despite the recent pandemic. The company sold more than 600,000 vehicles in the last quarter, so that was an impressive growth from the same period last year. He said you cannot change your product if it’s doing well in the market. If what we are doing was not bringing success, we might have considered changing it.

This could be a very stressful situation for any company. We are sure any company would like to have market success than generating controversies, but that’s not always the case.