Mercedes’s target would be premium buyers

If you are looking for a Saloon or an Estate with an electric powertrain, you are in luck as the new Mercedes-Benz is here. It’s the sixth-generation model that focuses on luxury, which shows the company’s target would be premium buyers.

It’s the only combustion-engined model from the company that has been turned to electric-only. The vehicle competes with BMW 3 series and Audi 4 and in order to do so, it has seen a design change inspired by the S-Class flagship. Apart from carrying S-class design it also carries its technology which can be only good for it.

The on-sale date for the vehicle is 30 March and both the saloon and estate were revealed on the same night. The customer deliveries in the UK will begin in the summer. The prices for both versions are expected to increase slightly but that’s normal. The vehicle comes with impressive design changes which take it in class with the other class range-mates.

However, the external proportions of the model are almost the same, but there are many changes to the exterior as well. The company wanted the car to appear in motion at a standstill, so they have ensured an all-around design change. There is a pair of power bulges on the bonnet and the glasshouse goes back slightly.

They have kept the character lines and creases to a minimum and the firm said this is because they want to accentuate the shoulder line. They also wanted to give the estate a sporty touch so it gets an inclined roofline that offers this without compromising on any functional ability. But both of these now come with a starter-generator. If we talk about the interior, it’s very clear that it’s inspired by the latest S-Class. The cabins of both vehicles are quite similar in many aspects. The vehicle has given up the previous infotainment display which was free-floating and now comes with a tablet-style central touch screen.