Mini JCW will carry the minor nameplate

Mini’s path towards becoming an electric-only brand starts in a massive way. The brand is planning to launch a smaller hatch, a new MPV, and other electric vehicles in a short time.

BMW has planned to turn the brand into an electric-only manufacturer by 2028. The other two vehicles will be about 4.5m long, so they will be the biggest Minis till today. The electric Mini JCW Pacesetter was launched recently and it marked the first step for the brand towards the big plan of becoming an electric-only manufacturer.

We have also received information that a new version of the electric JCW is also expected to be introduced at the end of the year or the start of the next year, but this is yet to be confirmed. The purpose of launching these vehicles is to convince customers that the electric vehicles from the brand are good enough for them and they provide great pace and sharp handling; this is what the brand performance cars have been known to provide for several decades. So they want to shift it to their electric vehicles as well and convince customers that they are as good as the traditional vehicles. Where the increasing demand for electric vehicles has forced a lot of changes in the industry, it can have a serious impact outside the industry as well.

There is also the news of another electric model going through winter testing and it is being said that it will carry the minor nameplate. Founded on an all-new platform, it will be the first vehicle from the BMW and Great Wall spotlight alliance. The vehicle has been developed by both the BMW and Great Wall engineers. The very expensive spotlight factory, which went under construction in 2020, will be used to manufacture future vehicles. It will be a modern facility responsible for research and development for electric vehicles and it will play a huge role in introducing the brand to the region.