Porsche invested in the digital startups in fact

All Porsche fans have been waiting for new information regarding the latest Taycan Cross and we have plenty of information for them. The vehicle has arrived in pre-production form and we can tell you how the first drive of the prototype seems like. But first, let’s make something clear that the vehicle has had a great impact on both the company and the car industry.

If you look at it from a wider angle you will see that it’s this vehicle that has explained to the masses what an electric vehicle is able to do and what it can achieve, but it also shows how the company has evolved over the years and how they have changed their business focus.

If you think we are overstating this just see how much money they have invested in the digital startups in fact they have their own subsection that is responsible for building a portfolio of digital business. Porsche is no longer a brand that would only represent ICE sports cars; it has changed completely. The Taycan is now the main and the premier product from Porsche and it will continue to be so for the next few years at least. This is why they are expanding the vehicle’s range and now we have the Taycan Cross Turismo. We got the chance to try a prototype of the final version and though there are some changes expected, it’s pretty much what you will get in the summer.

In the Turbo S form, it gets the Premium Battery Plus which adds to the car’s overall power and torque output. The vehicle’s range is similar to that of the saloon and it also gets 800V Technology.

The battery can be charged in a short time which is quite amazing and when you see the charging time you can clearly feel that electric vehicles can be managed in the real world. It also means whenever the battery is down you can recharge it quickly and experience the rapid speed of the vehicle. If you have come across an article regarding the Taycan saloon you must know that its performance is amazing and the Cross Turismo is no different.