Reason being that they want the Alpine

The Alpine A110 Legende has being regarded as the classiest car from the firm, and there is much truth to that. The firm has been very busy in recent times as it has joined Formula One like Jaguar, only in name, but it has also announced to become an electric-only brand. The brand is expected to launch an entry-level hatch and several crossover models, but there are also working on a sports model with Lotus.

So, this is some good news for the brand’s followers. This new model might not be able to create many headlines and you may take it as a simple car that offers a four-cylinder combustion engine. It’s also expected to be a part of the firm’s back catalog quite soon. But, still, the limited edition model is the most expensive vehicle from the company, so it’s worthy of discussion. Especially when you consider the future path of the brand, you have to consider its latest and most expensive vehicle.

Its parent company Renault needs the brand to generate profit and a good amount of it. It has been decided that they want the brand to be self-sufficient and be able to fund all of its operations. But the A110 has not been making money at all, in fact, it might be at a loss. But you can’t expect anything else if you provide an all-aluminum sports car and then sell it for a lower price. Furthermore, but we have seen many manufacturers making good money by providing sporting features and luxury features.

You can’t just achieve good profit through world-class engineering, opulence is required too. This can be seen with Porsche, who even Lotus cannot outsell and now this new concept is being used with this new model of Alpine.

Only 390 units of the vehicle have been manufactured, so if you are thinking of buying this vehicle you should immediately drop this idea. And if you are wondering whether asking a very high price for this model is justifiable or not it doesn’t matter as all the units have been sold. But if it were not Limited and more units were available for you to buy this money is still justifiable but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have another option, as you can get the Cayman GTS with 6 cylinders. So it’s all up to you what you want, value for money, features, or the luxury aspect.