Renault model is not considered as much

If you compile a list of the most underrated vehicles ever the Renault 5 GT Turbo would definitely make the list. Many similar vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf GTI are remembered till today but we wonder why this vehicle is not appreciated as much as the other similar vehicles.

This is not because its lacks in performance or ability, the reason is something else. Recently we were introduced to the Renault 5 concept which impressed us a lot but also made us question why it came after so much time. The idea is great and even now they would benefit from it but still, you have to ask why they didn’t bring this concept a few years back.

In our view, this is because of the new CEO of the company who is the person responsible for the Fiat 500. This is the model which led the company to success and wherever the company’s today it’s primarily because of that.

The concept has been executed brilliantly and it shows you how elegant was the old model that is not only regarded as classic but can be turned into a future Hero model as well. The car has been forgotten by many but we remember it today because we have a close relationship with this vehicle. It was the vehicle on which we came for our interview for the magazine but we sold it after a few years. We had three vehicles at a time, this model, MK1 Volkswagen Golf GTI, and Peugeot 205 GTi. And, isn’t this the case with everyone even the motor industry. These vehicles are considered very important and are landmarks in the motor industry and the Renault model is not considered as much important as these. We knew back then that this model is the fastest of the three but we forgot it for quite some time.