Significant changes include reshaped light

The rival of the Audi A4 is inspired by S-Class and you can clearly see that in its styling and interior but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We have already seen the photos of the vehicle which were leaked on the internet that clearly showed its styling and interior in final production form. The significant changes include reshaped light clusters and a more angular front. The interior technology is similar to that offered by the S-Class flagship.

They have reinvented the infotainment system so it can work well with the MBUX software. It now has a vertical item between the front seats rather than a horizontal Central display which we have seen in the previous version. It has also dropped the physical gear shifter and rotary controller and the functions are now available on the touchscreen or steering wheel. The distinctive air vents also come with the new design and a color head-up display is also provided.

There were no recent images of the estate version of the vehicle but we saw that version earlier this year online. The estate is also inspired by the S-Class saloon and it’s visible from its interior and design. The vehicle has been redesigned completely and it will attract customers through its hybrid drivetrains and autonomous driving technology.

These things are in high demand today and they will surely attract loyal as well as new customers, which is a good thing for the company. In the last few years, Mercedes has seen a drop in the sales of the vehicle, mainly because the buyers preferred to buy SUVs instead. This time they are providing many features that we have not seen before in this class. The vehicle will be available for purchase in the middle of this year and its main rival include BMW 3 series and Audi 4.