Special place for the modern petrolhead

How often has it happened that you bought something and you wanted to show it off but couldn’t find how to do so. And if you find a classic used car, the urge to show it off is even more. Today we are going to tell you just the right place to show off your new car.

Deciding which Pizza to get is not easy, especially choosing the topping but this process becomes even harder at Duke of London’s in-house pizza shop called Santa Maria. There are a lot of options and a lot of approaches but whatever you decide you should not rush the process and it will help you afterward.

Duke of London is a classic and supercar hub and picking a favorite car there is not easy. When you go there you will be faced with Renault Clio Williams 2, the model which only has 482 right-hand-drive examples today. Then you might also get into the 997.2 911 Porsche Turbo cabriolet so the decision to select a favorite car becomes even harder. It is basically a car dealership but you shouldn’t just call it so. So it is really a special place for the modern petrolhead.

The hub was founded by Merlin McCormack in 2015 and when we talked with him he said he left school in 2010 to help his mechanic dad in the workshop. At that time a lot of customers would come to him and ask his opinion on what to buy. Giving such Advice was not something he really enjoyed, so I started to advise customers. So after just 4 years, he started the first Duke of London dealership alongside the workshop.

He said they planned to create something that they could enjoy; where like-minded collectors can gather together and not just the richest people. The dealership is brilliantly designed and you won’t get bored while exploring every aspect of it. If you own a used car or you are a classic car enthusiast you must visit this amazing hub.