Spectacular journey of the race star

If you compile a list of racing drivers who got to be at an important position in a car manufacturing company after their career was ended, we are sure that list will be very short. But Allan McNish might be at top of that list.

The former British racing driver and journalist has won Le Mans a total of three times and when his career ended in 2013 with a win he might not have thought that he would join Audi as formula E Boss. It was his Final Season as a racing driver. After eight years, the racing star has been presented with another opportunity to go after the Crown, and this time he could do it as the team principal of the Formula E team of the company.

When we talked with him he said you always want to give your best and you want every season to be spectacular but when you know it’s your farewell season you have to focus more and deliver the best results. The former race star already has experience of winning a non-world championship with the company, when it won an event in 2017. They will quit after this race, so the team is more focused and have more energy because of this. They can win in this last race just like he did 8 years back. After a short time, BMW also announced that it will pull from the racing event after this season so it was a big blow for the event to lose these big manufacturers.

He said he knew that their company was going to withdraw from the event but he had no idea that BMW would make the same decision. They were already discussing this and they had different meetings, which is normal but many people didn’t like the timing of this decision, but it was not possible for them to change it. It’s a part of a higher strategy that governs where they are and where they want to be in the future.