What benefits the company provides?

A finance company should do more than just providing money or insurance solutions. An ideal company would know how to satisfy the customers by providing flexible solutions that meet different customers’ needs. John Lewis Finance is one of those companies that provide great benefits to customers who use their services.

If you are in need of money, look nowhere else, as they have got perfect solutions for you that would meet your needs. Whether you need money to buy a car, repair your home, pay your son’s tuition fee, purchase furniture, or pay medical expenses, they would provide you with enough money in no time. You will get a loan that would feel good from start to finish.

The company wants its customers to be happy not only the day they get the fund but every day. This is the reason they have designed a personal loan unlike any other. It gives you more flexibility, which is very important considering that life is so unpredictable. You are provided with competitive rates, they constantly compare market rates to ensure you are getting the best deal. Customers are also provided with payment holidays, as you would want to free up some extra money once a year. If you make an additional repayment or settle your balance before the agreed date, you will not be charged any fee. You will have to pay low and flexible monthly payments.

If you need insurance plans, the plans they offer are among the top solutions available in the market. Getting a quote is very easy too, you just have to answer a few questions and fill out some forms.

The credit card provided by the company provides great advantages too. The Partnership Card enables customers to earn points for your purchases. It allows you to enjoy 1.25% back in gift vouchers. If you apply within the next three months and spend £250, you will get a £20 voucher.

If you become my John Lewis member, you can earn more rewards with the credit card i.e. double points in-store and online. When you start using the card, for the first nine months, there will 0% interest on any purchase you make.

They provide money transfer services too, which are efficient and cost-effective. They have different options for transferring a small amount and a large amount.