Why consider it when you have financial trouble?

The firm is a trusted brand providing services for over 150 years. It is known for providing quality products and great customer service. If you are seeking financial services, you don’t need to think much as with them you get authenticity, reliability, and flexibility.

If you want to secure the future of your family, you can use their insurance products. They provide home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, wedding insurance, and event insurance. They provide different cover levels and you can compare the covers to find the right one. You can also talk to their experts who will help you find the right solution.

You are also provided with a personal loan service, which can help you improve your life. Their loans come with low and competitive rates; however, the APR will differ depending on the amount provided. There are annual repayment holidays and no fees for paying back the loan early. You will get the loan amount within three working days.

If you are buying or selling property abroad or sending funds to your friends or family, there is a better option than a bank to transfer the money. You can make one-off or regular payments worldwide and get great exchange rates. John Lewis provides complete trust and security, so you can transfer money with peace.

You can use the international payments service, which is a cost-effective way of transferring money abroad, with great exchange rates and fewer fees. It includes secure bank-to-bank transfer, so it’s perfect for buying or selling property abroad or simply sending money. If you need to make a small transfer of money, then you can use their in-store Western Union service.

You can get the partnership card that would of great benefit to you. The card allows you to earn rewards when you make a purchase. It provides different ways of earning rewards and saving money and you can create an online account to manage your card.

There are other benefits of the card as well such as bonus points events, luxury travel offers, ticket exclusives, and more. You can earn even more points by adding up to three cardholders to your account. If you spend £100 at John Lewis and Waitrose, you will receive 125 points and 25 points if you spend at other shops. When you have reached 500 points, you can redeem them to get a £5 voucher.